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The Coconut Chronicles

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Volume IX, featuring Maui Land for Sale

Aloha! Welcome to the ninth edition of "The Coconut Chronicles" presented by Billy and Pete Jalbert, Realtors for the Maui Real Estate Team in Paia, Maui. This month we are highlighting Maui Land for Sale and the growing community of Ma'alaea. Located on Maui's South Shore, this waterfront community offers a number of attractions to Maui visitors and is a popular area for residents.

Billy & Pete's Picks: Maui Land for Sale

Each month The Coconut Chronicles presents some properties that may be intriguing to you. There are literally hundreds of active listings to choose from. Our goal is to provide you with a snapshot of some properties that may be right for you! We often receive inquiries about vacant land on Maui. With a land mass of only 728 square miles, and a substantial portion dedicated to conservation and agriculture, land for sale on Maui comes at a premium. Below you will find some of the interesting Maui land listings on the market.

Maui North Shore Land For Sale
Much of the property on the North Shore is zoned for agricultural use. The minimum lot size for agriculturally zoned lots is 2 acres, although there are some "substandard" size agricultural lots out there. The North Shore of Maui is beautiful, lush and green nearly the entire year thanks to trade wind showers. While some lots offer spectacular ocean views, there are also a number of gulch properties with more privacy and tropical jungle like settings.

300 Hanauana Road
300 Hanauana Road - Maui land for sale

This 2.24 acre lot is located in beautiful Kailua on the makai (ocean) side of Hana Highway. The property has panoramic ocean views of the North Shore and Haleakala. The lot has underground utilities and high speed internet is available. Access is a short jaunt off of Hana Highway on a good road. This property is listed at $595,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

0 Holokai
This is a 72 acre parcel consisting of 2 lots. There are two 5/8th inch water meters on the property. Bordering an upscale subdivision and featuring some very nice views, this property could make an excellent private estate. It also may offer some subdivision potential. Buyers are advised to do due diligence on subdivision potential. This lot is listed at $3,900,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

Maui Upcountry Land for Sale
Maui Upcountry Land for Sale varies in lot size by communities. Towns like Makawao and Pukalani tend to have lots in the 6,000 square foot to ½ acre range. Areas like Kula and Olinda are agriculturally zoned and land for sale tends to be 2 acres or more.

301 Nalani Street
This is a 10,000 square foot lot for sale on the golf course in Pukalani. It has a water meter installed and ocean and mountain views. This lot is listed at $425,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

00 Lower Kula Highway
This is 56 acres with big views in Kula. The lot offers privacy and quiet yet it has good access off of Hana Highway. The property is listed for $2,500,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

South Maui Land for Sale
South Maui's sunshine and beaches are just some of the draws to purchase land on this side of the island. With less of the area committed to agriculture, properties tend to start in the 6,000 square foot range and go up to a half acre or more. South Maui is one of the few areas on island where you may be able to find Beachfront Land for Sale.

2660 Kanakanui Road
2660 Kanakanui Road, Maui (land for sale)

This is almost a half acre in the desirable Keonekai area. The lot has ocean views. Buyers are encouraged to do due diligence about the number of homes that may be permitted on the property. This property is listed at $695,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

356 Kualono Place
Almost a ¼ acre lot in Wailea Pualani. This great ocean view lot is the lowest priced building lot in Wailea Resort. This lot is listed at $895,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

01 North Kihei Road
This beachfront lot is in the process of being subdivided. As it stands now, buyer's can purchase a 50% tenants in common interest on the property of just over 1 acre, providing the buyer with just over ½ acre of oceanfront property. This property is listed for $5,000,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

West Maui Land for Sale
Much of the current land for sale in West Maui is located in developing subdivisions. There are also a few beach front parcels for sale. Lot sizes vary widely based upon the subdivision. There are a few agricultural lots on the flanks of the West Maui Mountains with larger than 2 acres.

171 Kahana Ridge Drive
171 Kahana Ridge Drive

This 7,000 square foot lot in the popular Kahana Ridge subdivision has great ocean views. This lot is listed at $565,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

1189 Halekapa Street
This lot has 80 Lineal Feet of beachfront on Lahaina's Baby Beach. The lot is over 15,000 square feet and the adjoining ¼ acre lot is also available for purchase. This lot is listed at $3,750,000. The adjoining lot is available for $3,400,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer's agents.

Please Note: This article was originally published in the spring of 2005. These properties are no longer on the market. Check out our site for all of the current Maui land listings active on the Maui MLS or additional information on Land for Sale on Maui.

Maui Moments: A Day at the Maui Ocean Center

Billy's daughter Malia is a pretty precocious three and a half year old kid. It is most evident when you get her talking about the beautiful sea life that inhabits the Pacific Ocean around Maui. Fueled in part by the blockbuster movie "Finding Nemo" and part by her natural environment, Malia's knowledge of fish and marine mammals is pretty amazing. It goes as little surprise then that her favorite place on Maui is the island's great aquarium, the Maui Ocean Center. Located across from the ocean in Ma'alaea, the aquarium is a great attraction for kids, adults, island visitors and kama'aina. The center is the one place in the world dedicated to documenting and displaying Maui's marine life. I took the opportunity to spend a little quality time with my niece and explore Maui's underwater treasures together.

Malia was all smiles and a bundle of energy when we pulled into the Ocean Center's parking lot. We were still in line waiting for tickets when she started to identify the pictures of the sea life in the aquarium lobby. "Look at the moray eel! Look Uncle Pete, that shrimp looks like Jacques from Nemo!" Before long, my smile was as big as the one on Malia's face. We stopped at the first tank, an outdoor tidal pool showing a variety of Maui's shallow water fish species. You could watch the assortment of colorful fish from above or through clear plexiglass on the side of the tank. The tank was teaming with all types of marine life. After soaking in the sights at the outdoor tank, we headed to the indoor portion of the aquarium.

The Ocean Center is set up so you can see Hawaii's marine life in different ecological zones. The tide pool is the start of the journey, followed by progressively deeper reef zones that depict the species indigenous to each respective zone. The cool dark hallways that housed the tanks and displays were a refreshing respite from the warm day outside. The displays and information were impressive. For Malia, the fish themselves were the stars of the show. She led me around by hand taking me to the different tanks. She pointed out many of the fish by name. "That one looks like Gill from Nemo. He is a Moorish Idol." As the water gets deeper, more peculiar species become evident. Malia gazed with amazement at fish that looked like coral and sea worms that writhed in the currents.

The highlight of the reef zone for Malia was the sharks. One of her prized possessions is a stuffed shark from "Finding Nemo" named Bruce. I explained that the sharks with white tips on their fins were white tip reef sharks and the ones with black tips on their fins were black tip reef sharks. Her sponge like mind took it all in and added it to her already impressive knowledge about sharks.

We headed out from the reef area into the warm sunshine. Malia and I found a shady bench looking towards Ma'alaea Harbor and had a brief snack. The trade winds felt good and the ocean was a pleasant backdrop with small whitecaps all over the surface from the cooling winds. After our snack, we meandered over to the turtle tank. A number of green sea turtles glided around the tank just under the surface of the water. Their heads and flippers popped above the water regularly. Malia observed that the flippers were good for swimming and waving.

After waving back at the turtles for a bit, we headed into the big display area for humpback whales. Life sized replicas of the humpbacks gave us a sense of the tremendous scale of Maui's gentle winter visitors. At this point Malia was a girl on a mission. We breezed through the displays on Native Hawaiian use of the ocean and headed to the area where the jelly fish were located. The Jelly fish display is pretty surreal as you see this large column of dancing jelly fish bathed in fluorescent light. Both Malia and I stared transfixed for a few minutes before we bolted to one of the true highlights of the ocean center. The giant open ocean tank is home to a variety of sharks, rays and jacks. Malia eagerly pointed out the spotted eagle rays, white tips and black tips and the aquarium's lone tiger shark. A glass tunnel through the tank provides for some pretty amazing viewing as giant rays and sharks glide overhead.

We wrapped up our tour with one last outdoor stop at the hammerhead lagoon. In Malia's eyes, we had saved the best for last. The shaded outdoor tank was filled with 4 hammerheads gliding through the water. Their oddly shaped heads and unique eyes were especially intriguing to Malia. After a few minutes, Malia became restless and clamored for a chance to go to the aquarium's store. While the store is a great place to shop for kids and adults, it did not take Malia long to bee line to the kid's toys. Uncle Pete is a sucker for his niece and was happy to buy her a handful of rubber sharks, whales and dolphins. I grabbed an equal number for her little brother and headed for the exits. Malia trailed behind me playing with her new toys with a big smile on her face. Her happiness brought about my own smile. I couldn't think of a much better morning than spending some time with my niece surrounded by the beautiful creatures of Hawaii's warm tropical waters.

The Maui Ocean Center is open 365 days a year from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The hours are extended to 6:00 PM during July and August. Ticket prices are $21 for adults, $14 for kids 3-12 and $18 for seniors 65 and up. Kama'aina rates are available as are season passes.


Continued in » Coconut Community Spotlight: Ma'alaea