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The Coconut Chronicles

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Volume CC XI, featuring Maui Acreage: The Coconut Chronicles

Aloha! Welcome to the twelfth edition of "The Coconut Chronicles" presented by Billy and Pete Jalbert, Realtors for Jim Sanders Realty in Paia, Maui. That’s right, it has been a year since we started publishing the Chronicles. For our one year anniversary, we have an article about ten great things about living on Maui. We also have a profile on the Ka’anapali area on the west side of Maui and this month’s.

Billy and Pete’s picks looks at Big Parcels of Land for sale on Maui.

Each month The Coconut Chronicles presents some properties that may be intriguing to you. There are literally hundreds of active listings to choose from. Our goal is to provide you with a snapshot of some properties that may be right for you! This month we are focusing on big parcels of land available on Maui. If you are looking for a parcel of land that will accommodate a big estate, a piece of land that may have subdivision potential or a place where you could start a farm, these are some of your best bets currently on the market.

Haiku Acreage
Billy has a new listing with 20.5 acres on the ocean side of Hana Highway. The property has three water meters and great views. It is well suited for an estate property or there may be subdivision potential. Buyers are encouraged to do their own due diligence.

This beautiful property is listed for $2,250,000. For more information or to set up a showing, contact us today.




Kaupo Property
Kaupo is a beautiful and remote area on the South Side of Haleakala. Parcels of land are rare offerings in this area. This long and narrow lot offers over 13.88 acres and boasts beautiful views of the ocean. This property offers an interesting opportunity for an off the grid retreat property.

This property is listed at $585,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer’s agents.


East Maui Vacant Land
Nahiku is situated on the Northeast flank of Haleakala and Maui. The area is lush with a rugged and beautiful coastline. This parcel is 17.95 acres with 1,538 feet of oceanfront. The acreage has ocean vistas from wide open grassy flatlands, rugged cliffs and secluded bays. Electricity is being brought to property and a water meter from a private water system is in place. If purchased in combination with an adjacent 57 acre parcel there could be a total of 74.95 acres.

The 17.95 acre parcel is listed for $2,495,000. The 57 acre non oceanfront parcel is listed for $1,195,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer’s agents.

Upcountry Acreage
This beautiful parcel of rolling pasture land includes over 24 acres. It has a single water meter. The seller will provide the buyer with a preliminary subdivision map. Buyer is encouraged to do their own due diligence on subdivision potential.


The parcel is listed for $2,500,000. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer’s agents.


Honolua Ridge at Kapalua
Honolua Ridge is the newest luxury development in Kapalua. This beautiful area boasts views of Honolua and Mokuleia Bays. There are also spectacular views of the neighboring island of Molokai. Kapalua is a world class resort boasting some of the best golf in the United States as well as numerous amenities. There are two lots available in Honolua Ridge with over 15 acres. They are listed at $1,900,000 and $2,800,000 respectively. These are great lots for people looking for their own private estates. The Maui Real Estate Team may represent you as buyer’s agents.

Please note that this article was originally published in October of 2005. Most of these listings are no longer available for purchase. Contact us for a market overview of properties available with significant acreage on Maui.

Whether it is big acreage or a smaller parcel of land, Maui has options. Check out for more listings of Maui Land for Sale.

Maui Moments: Ten Great things about Living on Maui

Over the last year, I have highlighted a few of the many memorable activities / moments available to those of us who live on Maui. The following list touches on previous issues and some other great aspects and activities associated with life on Maui.

1. Sunsets
About an hour before the sun sets into the Pacific, the light in Maui takes on a magical glow. It is unlike anyplace I have lived. The light is soft and golden and you can feel your body begin to wind down and relax. Haleakala’s western flank lights up as the shadows grow long in the central valley. As the golden light fades on land, the small puffy clouds carried by the trade winds begin their own show. Yellows, oranges, pinks reds and purples fill the sky. These magical displays seem to draw out longer than when you would anticipate. As one layer of clouds fades to grey and purple another lights up in brilliant hues until finally all that is left is a faint orange glow to the west and the first stars of twilight.

2. Rainbows
Trade winds bring trade showers which keep the windward portions of the island lush and green throughout the year. The quick and intermittent nature of trade showers also ensures a plethora of rainbows. These short lived displays come in all shapes and sizes. From the faintest hints of rainbows, to massive double rainbows to the elusive moonbow, it is a fairly regular occurrence to see the offspring of sun and shower lighting up our skies.

3. The Upcountry
When someone on the mainland thinks of Maui, they might think of beautiful beaches, rainbows, lush foliage or a cascading waterfall. One of the most beautiful parts of Maui is one of its less renowned areas. The West Flank of Haleakala also known as the Upcountry is an area of rolling hillsides, cooler temperatures and small communities. An ideal climate makes it the island’s breadbasket and has led to growing agribusiness. A number of these businesses offer great off beat and off the beaten path attractions to the public like the Tedeschi Vineyard, Surfing Goat Dairy and Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm. If the climate doesn’t entice you, the views might. Situated on the side of Haleakala, Upcountry Communities have commanding views of the West Maui Mountains Central Maui, the South Maui Coast and Maui’s North Shore.

4. Hana
“Thank God for Hana!” is a popular bumper sticker. Island visitors and residents are quick to agree with this mantra. Separated from the rest of the island by a long winding road, Hana’s isolation has led to its preservation as a bastion of old Hawaii. Life just seems to slow down on this beautiful stretch of coast on the east side of Maui. The rugged coastline has a number of small and exotic beaches. There are red sand beaches, black sand beaches and salt and pepper colored beaches. Great hiking takes you to remote waterfalls and swimming holes. The lush foliage makes the area a true tropical paradise.

5. Beaches
Hana’s beaches are some of the most unique and beautiful on island, but they are just a small number of the vast array of beaches that have made Maui famous world wide. Every year Dr. Stephen Leatherman a.k.a “Dr. Beach” rates the best beaches in America. He first started rating the beaches in 1991 and Maui’s Kapalua Beach came out on top. Since that very first poll, Maui Beaches have been a fixture on the best beach lists. Regardless of your tastes, there is a beach on Maui that meets your needs. If you are looking for a long walk Sugar Beach along Ma’alaea Bay or Baldwin Beach in Spreckelsville are great choices. If you are looking for places to swim and snorkel there are a dozen or more great spots in South and West Maui. If you are looking to people watch, it is hard to beat Ka’anapali and Makena’s Big Beach. If you are looking for a place to go au natural, there is always Makena’s Little Beach. If you are looking for quiet secluded beaches, I won’t spill the beans in terms of locations, but they are out there for those that are willing to explore.

6. The Pacific Ocean
While it is always great to feel the sand between your toes on Maui’s beaches, nothing beats the sensation of floating in the warm waters of the Pacific. These blue waters are Maui’s great playground. The options are endless from the serene to the extreme. Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and scuba are all more placid ways to play in the waters of Maui. There is outstanding deep sea fishing, spear fishing and surf casting for anglers, or spectacular whale watching for those who would prefer to observer Maui’s spectacular marine life. For those that are looking for great exercise and the camaraderie of a team sport, Maui boasts some of the best outrigger Canoe teams in Hawaii. If you are looking for more hair-raising ocean adventures, Maui offers plenty of options. The North Shore of Maui has been one of the epicenters of windsurfing since the eighties. If anything, Maui residents are innovative in their ways of having fun. It did not take long for the sport of kite boarding or kite surfing to take off on the island. In the nineties, surfers looking to find less crowded waves created the sport of tow surfing. Not only are tow surfers able to beat the crowds they could also tackle the much larger waves of Hawaii’s outer reefs. Peahi or Jaws on the North Shore has gained notoriety as the biggest wave in the world. In an attempt to ride even bigger waves, some of Maui’s more renowned watermen have taken to the otherworldly sport of foil boarding. This entails riding a board that floats above the water’s surface by way of a foil. Regardless of the implements they choose to play in the ocean, Maui residents are lucky to have hours of fun available and a beautiful setting at their disposal.

7. The Neighbor Isles
If you are ever looking for a quick getaway off the island, you don’t have to leave Maui County for a complete change of pace. The islands of Lanai and Molokai are a short ferry ride away from Lahaina Harbor. Molokai is Hawaii’s least developed island with one stoplight. If you are looking for resorts and lots of amenities, you are best suited to stay on Maui. If you are looking for a place with natural beauty and a lot of peace and quiet, Molokai is a great get away. Lanai might be a good choice for those looking for amenities or a romantic getaway. There are two great resorts on the island. Koele Lodge is set in the Upcountry area of Lanai. The area is cool and forested with good hiking and great golf at the Experience at Koele. The amenities are top of the line. Manele Bay is an amazing oceanfront resort. As with Koele, Manele offers world class golf at the Challenge at Manele.

8. Slippahs
You might wonder what Slippahs or flip flops might have to do with the rest of this list. Slippahs to me are symbolic of the more casual lifestyle that Maui affords. I have not worn close toed shoes since my last trip to the mainland in October of last year. Its hard to beat a place where throwing on a pair of khakis and an Aloha shirt constitutes formal wear. On a broader level, life tends to be more relaxed and less frenetic from the rest of the country and much of the western world. I find stress levels lower and life in general to be more pleasant.

9. The MACC
While Maui is a small island, it is graced with tremendous culture. The heart of the cultural activities on island is the Maui Arts and Cultural Center also known as the MACC. Whether it is Hawaiian Culture like the Slack Key Guitar Festival or the International Conference on Hula, or world renowned performers, the MACC is constantly hosting events that enrich the lives of the people of Maui. The venue itself is world class. The 1,000 seat Castle theatre offers the best acoustics in Hawaii. The A and B amphitheater can host up to 5,000 for outdoor concerts in a beautiful setting. It is a pretty special place to take in a concert with palm trees swaying and the West Maui Mountains looming in the background. The Schaefer Gallery is Maui’s one and only museum quality gallery and features artists from all over Maui, Hawaii and the world. The MACC is also a focal point for the great movies brought to us through the Maui Film Festival. This festival brings weekly showings of high quality domestic and international films, a holiday film festival that features some of the leading contenders for the year’s Oscars and a June festival hosted at the MACC and the Wailea Resort. The June Festival brings some of Hollywood’s brightest stars for tributes, parties and screenings of a variety of films.

10. Aloha
Aloha is a word known most often as a greeting, but its definition goes far beyond hello and goodbye. It is a word that can describe love, kindness, charity and generosity. One of Hawaii’s gifts to the world is the aloha spirit or the kindness and giving towards others. While Maui and Hawaii in general have experienced considerable western influence, the spirit of aloha is still alive and well. It is manifested in many ways. Sometimes you see it when a car stops to let you cross the street. Sometimes it is just a smile and a wave from a stranger. Regardless, there is a greater sense of warmth and community still evident in the islands.

Volume 12 » continued in Coconut Community Spotlight: Ka'anapali...