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<p class="h1">Privacy Policy</p>

<p><b>Effective as of August 27, 2004</b></p>

<p class="h3">Confidentiality</p>

<p>We understand that confidentiality of communications is of importance to our clients
and those requesting information about our services. As a general business practice, we
hold these communications in strict confidence.</p>

<p>If you have any confidentiality concerns, please contact us.</p>

<p class="h3">Privacy Policy</p>

<p>Our Privacy Policy is simple and straightforward:</p>

<p>(1) We do not &quot;harvest&quot; email addresses from our website visitors, and we
do not send spam (unsolicited email) our clients and website visitors.</p>

<p>(2) <span class="b">Personal and/or business information</span> provided to us by our
website visitors is treated confidentially. If you provide such information to us by email,
telephone, letter, an online form on our website or other means, we use that information
only to provide you with our services and/or products or to respond to your requests.</p>

<p>Our online inquiry forms collect some or all of the following personally identifying

<li>Address, City, State, Zip Code</li>
<li>Phone number or email address (at least one is required)</li>

<p>None of the above personally-identifying information is stored on our website, and thus
we provide no online process for individuals to review and request changes to any of their
personally identifiable information collected through our website's online forms or sent
by email to us.</p>

<p> In cases where we are unable to meet your needs due to geography or volume of inquiries,
we may refer you to another realtor <span class="bi">with your consent</span>.
may receive a referral fee if the referral results in a closed transaction.</p>

<p>(3) <span class="b">The Coconut Chronicles Email Newsletter</span>. We do not share
our subscriber list with anyone, and have utilized a double-opt-in method. When an email
address is typed into our newsletter subscription form, the recipient receives an email
containing a link which must be clicked in order to confirm his or her subscription; subscriptions
are not added to our subscriber list until the subscriber confirms the subscription by
clicking on the link. The only information required of subscribers is a valid email address
and subscription confirmation. Subscribers may unsubscribe at any time, without input from

<li> by clicking on the one-click unsubscribing link contained in all of our newsletters,
or </li>
<li>by entering his/her email address in our <a href="../coconut-chronicles/index/">newsletter
subscription form</a>, checking &quot;unsubscribe&quot;, and clicking &quot;submit&quot;.</li>

<p>(4) <span class="b">Our web hosting company</span> collects and stores only the following
information about our website visitors: the numerical IP address or domain name from which
they access the Internet; the date and time our site is accessed; the pages you visited
and whether they successfully downloaded to your browser; and sometimes the Internet address
of the website from which you may have accessed our website (such as We use
this information only to understand how many visitors we get and how visitors use our website
so that we can improve it. We do not sell this information to anyone for any reason. Surfing
our website will not impart other personally-identifying information to us, unless you
choose to provide such information to us.</p>

<p>(5) <span class="b">Responses to any website surveys</span> or feedback forms which
we may post from time to time are provided to us by our visitors for our benefit, and are
likewise not sold to any third party for any reason.</p>

<p>(6) <b>Notification of Changes to Privacy Policy</b>. Most of the above Privacy Policy
has been online, unchanged, since 1998. In the event that we make changes to or update
this Privacy Policy; in that event, we will post them to this page of our website with
the corresponding Effective Date.</p>

<p>If you have any privacy concerns, please feel free to contact us.</p><br>